GIGASYS was founded in 2004

to design and create technological appliances focused on network security and for communication. With the passage of time we have improved our products and started new ones, designed to meet the needs that are not always covered by other manufactures.


We are manufacturers of computer equipment. We love to create solutions to offer our customers supporting them.

Wath is a Software Appliance?

A software appliance is a computer in every respect, and the software that governs it, makes it specializes in certain areas. It does not “do everything”, it does the work for which he was qualified for at its best.
The fact that an appliance is specialized, allows us to offer the user a number of functions easy to use and organized in a simple and fast way. Our software is constantly evolving, growing and improving according to customer requirements, keeping pace with the times, trying to make simple technologies, including open source, that give life to our systems.

If your question is:

Why purchase and install in the office or at home, a software appliance instead of using an external service even more competitive from an economic point of view in the cloud?

We answer with some questions ...

Did you ever read the terms and conditions when you use a remote service that manages your data?
For Example: Who own the pictures uploaded to the social networks or remote drives ? Are still yours ?
Who can access your data on the remote platform you are using?
You know exactly where and how many copies of your data reside on servers belonging to third parties?
Did you know where and when was your last backup?
Who access yours data or could be access them ?
Did you know the company ?

These are just some of the questions that our products meet.

We offer reliable equipment, specialized, with advanced features that allows you to make you real masters of your data