Gigasys offers a comprehensive service package which includes
qualified technical support and software updates
that complement the functionality offered by the products.

Adhering to CarePack Gigasys you have access to the following benefits:

Automatic Updates

Security Updates: it is essential to maintain timely updated computer systems to protect against the latest vulnerabilities discovered and prevent unwanted accessi.

Feature Updates: Gigasys systems are in continuous development. New features are constantly implemented and existing ones are improved. On systems with active Care Pack these updates will be applied automatically.

Service Updates:through updates will be present in the system the latest versions of all those services that make it at work (firewall, antivirus, webfilter, ecc).

Technical support

Helpline: in case of need the technical team Gigasys is available to solve any problem on the apparatus. The assistance will be supply directly to Gigasys’ partner, while end-users can refer to the service offered by their reference partner.

Hardware assistance: for any issues related to hardware Gigasys we will repair the device at our laboratories in the shortest time possible.

The Gigasys apparatuses perform essential activities within infrastructure in which they are installed.

In order to maintain secure and current the services,  you need to constantly update.

Security and lasting compatibility

Systems put in defense of computer networks or contain business data is the cornerstone of all modern work. Such systems for their importance must be constantly up to date with the latest innovations to keep the integration with various client operating systems. On the other hand there are continuously new informatic vulnerabilities discovered that can only be corrected with targeted updates.

Qualified assistence

During the normal evolution of any informatic system you may encounter different kind of problems, not only during the period following the first installation but also subsequently to change on client or on network infrastructure.

It is therefore always advisable to have behind a technical team specialized on applied products ready to solve the problems encountered by customers.