Serie F640 Storage Server

Storage evolutions

versatile and effective Storage and Backup solutions designed for each company.

storage is “the place where the data must reside”
it must be: safe, powerful, reliable, scalable, manageable,
able to preserve and allow the work of all users
and ensure rapid and efficient control to administrators..

Main features of our storage

Compression: optimizes the data footprint.
Data deduplication: optimizes occupied by similar or multiple files space.
Automatic check of data integrity: the appliance analizes data during the normal use to ensure congruence.
RAID modes supported: JBOD, RAID 0 (stripe), 1 (mirror), 10, 5, 6.
Possibility to use solid-state drive (SSD): optimize performances thanks to latest generation disks.
Solid-state support as “Cache Disk”: increase performance, both traditional hard disk and with solid-state drive.
Data replication*: ability to align data on more remote servers both immediately or planning synchronization.
High availability*: more configurable server clustered Active / Active and Active / Passive.

MailServer *

you can also use the storage server as a mail server, instead of using external services. Your mail on your server.

No limit data management

Gigasys products can be sizing  according to the company needs.

No numeric limit for users management

no licence limit on the amount of usable users, contact us for the best hardware configuration for your needs.

Data sharing: you can manage an unlimited number of shares and of users who access.

Compatibile protocols: CIFS, SMB, AFP, NFS, RSYNC, iSCSI, FTP.

Shadow Copy (VSS): accessing a CIFS/SMB share through Windows you can access previous versions of a file.

Apple Time Machine: it is possible to backup through Apple TIme Machine of Mac OS X on your Gigasys product.

High transfer performances: we offer fast access and fast data transfer also via CIFS/SMB protocols and concurrent access by multiple users.

Network Recycle Bin: data detected on shares are moved to a shared recycle bin or hidden, to allow users or administartor to retrieve them.

Integration with directory systems and centralized securityMicrosoft Active Directory, LDAP and supported derivatives

Safety support and data privacy*: support for file permissions (ACLs) that are compatible with Microsoft Windows and the Posix standard, inheritance and hierarchies are supported.

Antivirus*: scan data stored on server to prevent the spread of malware.

fast and secure versatile backup

Backup job: it permits you to plan copies of data on SMB, NFS, RSYNC, FTP or SSH shares, the system notify by email the end of backup.

Remote backup: it permits to plan copies data on backup server on remote SMB, AFP, NFS, RSYNC, FTP or SSH shares, the system notify by email at the end of backup.

Virtual Machine (hypervisor) Backup: it clones virtual machines without stop them. Compatible with VMWare ESX/ESXi and Citrix XenServer.

Encrypted backup on removable disk: the system permits to choose to have an encrypted or a normal copy. Removable device permits you to have a copy apart that saveguard you from backup server breakage. You have an immediate recovery because data reside on a hard drive accessible by most Operating System.

Full registration and accessibility of log *

access to recorded information from the logs,

Web management

ease of use and completly manageable through any modern browser.

Support and assistance

we can support you in the resolution of problems and we are ready to accept suggestions to improve our products.

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