Full security for your LAN

A complete selection of products to meet the needs from 5 to 500 workstation.

Serie S makes available a number of functions menaged in a trasparent and centralized mode. The system protect your LAN against virus, hacker attaks, spyware, malware and lots more in transparent mode without slowing down the speed of internet.


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Gigasys Software Management

Web managment: completeness and praticticality through any modern browser.

Completely configurable, also available in cluster mode with load balancing for the top-security and maximum performances.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux systems.

Support and assistance: the yearly CarePack Gigasys, included for the first year with a new appliance puchased, permet to obtain all Support and Assistance you need. We offer also extended warranty hardware and software plans purchased with the product.

Automatic Updates:
with the annual CarePack Gigasys you get automatically latest software updates.

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